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Small Business Servers

Windows Small Business Server is an all-in-one server solution designed to help you keep your data more secure and your company more productive. It provides many of the features used by larger companies, such as email, Internet connectivity, internal websites, remote access, support for mobile devices, file and printer sharing – all at one affordable price and all part of our standard small business servers.

Affordable, integrated solution
Windows Small Business Server is designed for small businesses. It is designed to work with existing technology, built on Microsoft best practices, and deliver a comprehensive network at an affordable price.

Grow your business capacity
Windows Small Business Server gives you highly secure access to business contacts, calendars, email, files, and other important desktop resources from any Internet-connected computer, virtually anywhere at any time, so you can be productive while you’re away from the office or on the road.

Create a comprehensive network at an affordable price
Windows Small Business Server combines several server technologies under one Microsoft licence to help you create a comprehensive network at an affordable price.

This product is available in two editions (Standard and Premium) and includes:

  • A single administrative console to view and manage IT tasks
  • Technology to create shared resources and equipment, such as Internet access, printers, and fax machines
  • Advanced e-mail and calendar functions
  • Network updates and protections
  • Comprehensive data management and analysis functions

Remote Backup

100% secure off-site remote back up offering essential safe data protection to ensure your files will never get lost, damaged or stolen and you can access your data 24/7

Our hardware is housed at a secure location and all data is encrypted to the same level as any major bank. Our backup software will run on all major operating systems and support major applications based on databases.

Features Include:

  • No on-going license costs or costs for the software/licenses, just the storage space required for the compressed data we hold
  • One comprehensive solution for desktops, laptops and servers
  • Server backups include Server 2003/2008/2012, Exchange, SQL, Active Directory etc.
  • Powerful data compression and robust data encryption with up to 448bit military strength protection
  • Support for multiple versions of the same file with time stamps for easy restores
  • Intelli-Delta Technology ensures that after the first ‘seed’ backup only changes in the files and folder are backed up thereafter
  • Monthly audit reports
  • Pricing based on data volume in 25GB stages

Software: Hosted Email and Anti-virus

We offer three types of hosted email mailbox service all include domain and DNS hosting as well as offering Anti-Virus solutions

Standard Mailbox

  • Up to 50 standard POP3 mailboxes per domain
  • Personalized email addresses
  • Compatible with all standard email software

Advanced Mailbox

  • Up to 50 standard POP3 mailboxes per domain
  • Personalized email addresses
  • Compatible with all standard email software
  • Virus scanning and spam filtering
  • 1GB mailbox space

Office365 Exchange Mailboxes
Utilize the full power of Microsoft exchange without the need for a server of your own

  • Personalized email addresses
  • Virus and spam protection
  • 25GB storage per mailbox
  • Real-time Exchange “Push” mobile access
  • Public mailboxes for shared use
  • Shared calendars – make and check appointments with colleagues
  • Shared address books – includes automatically populated global address list and offline address books
  • Outlook Web Access – full benefits of Outlook, using a web browser
  • Outlook Mobile Access – access using compatible mobile devices

Anti Virus
Get complete protection with the latest anti-virus solutions. Using Sophos or Eset you will benefit from essential security features including:

  • Complete defence against viruses, spyware, adware and PUAs across the widest range of platforms of any vendor. Sophos Anti-Virus is 100% Checkmark-certified for spyware detection
  • The smallest, fastest protection is automatically distributed at pre-set times or on-demand. Failsafe updating and bandwidth throttling ensures remote laptop users stay protected
  • Computers can be completely disinfected in a single operation. Unwanted registry entries, running processes, and even files on disk are removed
  • Behavioural Genotype protection identifies malicious code and blocks it before execution, giving the benefits of a Host Intrusion Prevention System
  • Scanning can be performed on access, on demand and automatically at scheduled times. Decision caching technology means only those files that have changed are rescanned

Standing Desks: The pros and cons

Does this sound like your day:   You wake up, you sit on the side of the bed. You get in your car, bus or train and sit. You get to work and sit. Get home and sit down for dinner and to watch TV. You get up only to go and lay down in bed.. repeat!

Standing desks are a great and healthy way to work. Several reliable sources state how unhealthy it is to remain seated at a desk or computer all day. It doesn’t matter if you work out for three hours every day of the week or jog three miles every morning, if you remain seated for the majority of the day, you run an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, obesity, a variety of cancers, and, ultimately an early death. A standing desk is pretty much what you think it would be. A desk for working or writing while standing. No matter how active or inactive a person may be, a standing desk is ideal for any lifestyle or job that requires or otherwise promotes that one remain seated the majority of the day.  In this article we look at the Standing Desk pros and cons.

Standing Desk Pros

There are many different benefits to a standing desk. Standing regularly is shown to improve metabolism greatly over sitting and burns roughly an extra 50 calories an hour more than sitting. So can aid weight loss, many customer reviews report losing up to five pounds in the first week. It’s not much weight but it is a large improvement over the weight that could be gained from sitting for that amount of time. Another benefit to a standing desk is improved attention span. Many customers indicate that working at a standing desk makes them feel more attuned to their work, as if the aspect of standing makes them focus and concentrate more, reminding them that they are supposed to be working. This benefits individuals who have trouble paying attention, who claim that they get much more work done quickly while standing at their desk rather than sitting. Back pain is also reduced in people who have switched to a standing desk. Many back problems people suffer from originate from extensive amounts of time sitting and slouching in chairs and at desks. The standing desk eliminates these problems and helps prevent similar problems from occurring in those who need to spend many hours a day seated for work or recreation.

Standing Desk Cons

It seems that every benefit also comes with its own set of detriments as well. There are a few negative aspect in customer reviews on the standing desk. One of those disadvantages many people come across is sore feet. Especially in the first couple of weeks as the body and feet adjusts to a routine of standing for hours rather than sitting. Many customers also complain about the fact that they have needed to wear shoes with insoles while working at the standing desk. This helps relieve the foot pain that they experience but it also causes side effects such as increased foot sweat and not being able to wear those cosy house slippers they have grown accustomed to as often.  One way to combat this would be to get a Standing Desk Mat. A standing desk does not work so well with laptops either. The space between screen and keyboard can be significantly smaller than the distance between eye and elbow. There have also been reports of an increased chance to get varicose veins, but as long as you don’t stand for too long, or stand perfectly still, the risk is low.  Your body will naturally want to move while on a standing desk, let it.  The other option is to purchase a Treadmill Desk, that’s the next level..


There are a great deal of benefits that can come with having a standing desk, but every good thing in life comes with a price. Despite the small list of issues people seem to have with the standing desk, it seems in the end there is more ‘good’ to be come out of standing than ‘bad’. It is most certainly much better than all of the various detriments that come with sitting all day every day. Obviously if you have an adjustable desk then you can sit to rest those feet initially.

the original artical can be found here

Business Continuity - Have you got a plan stan?

A disaster recovery plan (also known as a business continuity plan) is something all companies need. Whether your company is large or small it is important to have processes in place in case the worst scenario happens.

Most businesses depend on technology to some degree so disruption, whether it be for a few hours or a few days, can cause a major headache if you have nothing in place.

If you don’t have a disaster recovery plan you should start to formulate one as soon as you can.  What would you do if you had a fire or a flood and it ruined your computers? What would you do if your data backups were ruined? What would you do if you installed software on your PC which resulted in your data becoming corrupted?  Do you have a backup office and how do you ensure the PC network there is working?  How do you access emails, databases and customer information?  It is important to think about these questions to ensure your company is prepared for any disaster.

The quickest and easiest way to protect your information is to get your data off-site to a different location.  Having a copy of your data at a remote facility will help ensure you can get up and running a lot quicker.  It can also be worth inviting an IT specialist to review your PC network to offer help and advice on the best way to limit the impact of any unforeseen issues.

The team from Vezo Networks can visit you on-site and help you to decide which of our services is right for your needs.  We provide an off-site backup solution which will ensure you never lose your data.  For more information about backup solutions or any of our other services please contact us.

Antivirus solutions

Protecting your computer is absolutely essential, we all know that we should have an anti-virus solution but we don’t always actually know why! Whenever we get a cough or are feeling a bit poorly we pop along to the doctor but obviously you can’t do that with a computer.

Computer viruses can literally destroy anything from a small portion of your work to ALL of your work and there is an unknown quantity of viruses roaming about in cyberspace. Working online clearly has many benefits and even the most basic understanding can make your daily tasks so much easier, quicker and overall more efficient.

To lose some or all of your work due to your computer being targeted by a virus could potentially have devastating consequences. At best you might have to re do a small amount of work, at worst, well let’s not even think about at worst! Having the right anti-virus solutions for your computer will protect your computer from becoming poorly because of malicious intention from a virus.

The question is, if you don’t have an in house IT department who deals with this sort of stuff for you, what do you do? You could take a trip to one of the computer stores, however if you don’t fully understand what it is you need you are likely to get lost in all the computer jargon used. Either that or come away with something entirely different than what you thought you were getting and this could then put your computer even more at risk because you could continue using it believing it is protected when in fact it’s not!

One of the safest ways to deal with this problem is to have someone who understands do it for you! They will have sound knowledge of anti-virus and all aspects of IT work so they will establish exactly what you need, install it and you won’t have had to leave your office and spend your time doing anything other than your job.

Vezo networks will provide you with the right anti-virus solution within your budget. Normally recommending Sophos and Eset products. For more information on anti-virus solutions please go to

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Windows10 Free Upgrade

Microsoft operating system chief Terry Myerson announced that current users of Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows Phone 8.1 will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 for free for one year after the operating system launches. Once you’ve claimed the upgrade, Microsoft will keep you updated for the supported lifetime of the device.
Devices must be connected to the internet and have Windows Update enabled. ISP fees may apply. Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1 Update required. Some editions are excluded: Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 8/8.1 Enterprise, and Windows RT/RT 8.1.
The decision to make Windows 10 a free upgrade for existing users—at least for a limited time—makes sense. Windows 8 users have vocally expressed their displeasure with the operating system, prompting happy Windows 7 users to stay put on that OS. That hinders Microsoft's ability to execute its vision for a service-centric, cloud-connected future for Windows; making Windows 10 free could spur more users into embracing a modern Microsoft operating system.

And hey, it'd be weird to charge for Windows 10 after Windows 8 flopped so hard and Apple started giving away OS upgrades. Right?


Windows 10 looks and works a lot more like Windows 7 than it does Windows 8, and it will be a place where traditional and modern apps co-exist happily. The Start menu - shown below - returns and is customisable. It's resizeable, and you can select what it displays.

About Vezo Networks IT Support

Who we are

“Dedicated to supporting you” Vezo Networks provides IT services dedicated to supporting you whatever kind of assistance you are looking for – offering services to small businesses, educational facilities, multi-site enterprises and home users “30 years specialist IT experience” We really know about IT and we benefit from over 30 years of specialist IT experience in the provision of IT support services which are cost conscious and customer focused

“Our essential services suit any size of business”
Vezo Networks are one of very few IT companies who offer essential services from an operation that is large and experienced enough to deliver complete IT solutions to any size of business, whilst small enough to personally get to know our customers

“Specialist expertise and attention”
When you deal with us, you always know who you are talking to – on the phone, by email or face-to-face. Our customers always receive our specialist expertise and attention. Not only do we aim to deliver individualized solutions – we also provide our customers with consistent support throughout the duration of the job from first point of contact to final completion

“Helping our customers to ensure they can work at their best”
As a small business we understand how important it is to ensure you have the time and facilities to focus on what you do best – running your business. We help our customers to achieve this by focusing on what we do best – keeping your IT network monitored, safe and at its working best

“Remote monitoring and fast onsite engineers”
Providing you with remote monitoring technology we fix the problem before it becomes one, also providing fast onsite engineer support when needed and a high level of personal service from people you can trust and know

“Getting the job done simply and effectively”
We have a proven and successful track record and methodology of design, project management and delivering complete solutions from our extensive range of services. We don’t believe in technical jargon – we want to get the job done simply and effectively and we have been able to successfully do this for all of our happy clientele.